The Park End Surgery

3 Park End, London, NW3 2SE, Tel: 020 7435 7282, Fax: 020 7794 2455, [email protected]


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Same day (urgent) appointments (10 mins)

These appointments are for urgent medical problems only and last for 10 minutes. Please do not ask the doctor to complete forms or deal with non-urgent matters during these appointments as it causes delay for others.

Same day appointments can be booked between 9.00am and 12 noon monday to friday. You can come straight to the surgery from 9.00am but please accept that you may have to wait if there are other patients ahead of you. You can book an appointment if you telephone before 11.00am. You will be given an approximate appointment time. This will be the earliest time you are likely to be seen but please note that you may have to wait past this time if there are high numbers of patients needing urgent attention. If you think you may be highly infectious eg chickenpox, please advise reception and you will be asked to wait away from others. Specimen pots for urinary tract infections are kept at reception.

If an emergency arises at any other time such as an afternoon please telephone the surgery. During surgery hours the reception staff will take a message for the duty doctor who deals with all urgent problems to call you back as soon as possible. Please give a landline number if possible.

Quick access appointments (10 mins)

Monday – friday 09.40-10.40

These appointments become available 48 hours prior to the day. They last for 10 minutes rather than the usual 15. These appointments can be booked by telephone up to 48 hours in advance. We cannot guarantee that you can see the doctor of your choice for a quick access appointment.

Routine booked appointments (15 mins)

Routine booked appointments – mornings
Monday, wednesday, friday 9.00 – 10.45am
Tuesday, thursday 8.00 – 10.45am
Routine booked appointments – afternoons
Monday, wednesday, friday 2.30 – 6.00pm
Tuesday, thursday 2.00 – 4.15pm
Routine booked appointments – evenings
Monday 5.30 – 8.00pm

Routine booked appointments can be made up to a month in advance by telephone, on-line, or by calling at the reception desk during surgery opening hours. Please telephone after 11.00am to enable us to deal with emergency calls first. We would encourage you to see your usual doctor whenever possible. If your query concerns an administrative matter, reception/admin staff should be able to help.

You can also book our on-line service. Please register for this at the reception desk where you will be given a pin number.

Please note that routine appointments are for 15 minutes and are for one patient only. You should let us know if you are unable to attend or do not need a booked appointment, as we may be able to offer the appointment to another patient.


Routine nursing appointments
please book a nurse appointment if you need any of the following

  • Blood pressure check
  •  Wound dressing
  •  Injections/vaccinations
  •  Travel advice
  •  Cervical smears
  •  Contraception
  •  Stitch and staple removal
  •  Diabetes, asthma, copd and coronary heart disease follow-up
  •  Lifestyle advice (incl alcohol intake, weight etc.)
  •  Childhood immunisations
  • Ear syringing

Health care assistant appointments

Our health care assistant can offer appointments for

  • NHS health checks
  • Blood tests (each morning)
  • Smoking cessation advice
  • Weight management advice
  • Sensible drinking advice

Telephone appointments
if you have a non-urgent or ongoing problem and would like to speak to a specific doctor, the reception staff will book a telephone appointment for you with the doctor of your choice. Please note that this may not be for several days as some of our doctors are part time. The reception staff may ask you for a brief description of your problem and confirmation of your address and contact number. Try to give a landline number if at all possible. If your query concerns an administrative matter, reception/admin staff should be able to help.


You can also e-mail the surgery to order repeat prescriptions or discuss non-urgent medical matters. We can only answer queries from patients if we have the e-mail address your are e-mailing from on your record. E-mails about patients from other organisations can only be answered if they come from and NHS.NET e-mail address. DO NOT use e-mail to contact us about URGENT clinical matters or to requesting home visits. Please telephone the Practice instead.

Home visits

For house visits, telephone before 11.00am so that the doctors can organise their day. The receptionist may ask for details of your problem in order to assist the doctor.

We are able to offer a better service in the surgery as we have all our facilities there. Please do not ask for a visit if you can arrange to come to the surgery as the doctors can see several more patients at the surgery in the time needed for one visit.