The Park End Surgery

3 Park End, London, NW3 2SE, Tel: 020 7435 7282, Fax: 020 7794 2455, [email protected]

Telephone Appointments

Telephone Appointments

If you have a non-urgent or ongoing problem and would like to speak to a specific doctor, the reception staff will wherever possible book the telephone appointment with the doctor of your choice. Please note that this may not be for several days as some of our doctors are part-time. The reception staff may ask you for a brief description of your problem and confirmation of your address and contact number. If you query concerns an administrative matter, the reception staff should be able to help.

Surgery number is : Tel: 020 7435 7282

You can email the surgery on [email protected] to order your repeat prescription or discuss non-urgent medical matters.

Emails about patients from other organisations can only be answered if they come from an NHS-net email address.

Do not use email to contact us about urgent clinical matters or to request home visits. Please telephone the practice direct.

Please consider signing up to use PatientAccess, online access for most patients services and queries. It makes it easier and more convenient