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Long Term Conditions Survey, 2017

Camden Clinical Commissioning Group is considering ways to improve the
delivery of care and support for people with one or more long term
conditions. These are health problems that cannot currently be cured but
are controlled by medication or treatments that can include lifestyle
changes. Examples of the conditions under review are diabetes, breathing
problems (COPD), some heart conditions, stroke, hypertension (high blood
pressure) and chronic kidney disease. This consultation seeks to find out
what might help people living in Camden to manage their conditions with

Although you may see the doctor regularly, you may be taking medicines and
making decisions about your health every day. We want to know about the
information, care and support that you have received. Was it enough to help
you understand your health problems and help you deal with your conditions?
Have you gained useful information from other sources such as health
charities and online information? We want to know what you have found
useful. Did you come across any problems or difficulties? Knowing what
these are will help the Clinical Commissioning Group plan services for the

If you have one or more long term conditions, we would like you to complete
this survey to help us understand how you manage your condition, what
problems you may have and what you think would help you.

With Kind Regards

Martin Emery

Deputy Head of Engagement

Camden Clinical Commissioning Group