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Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Group?

Every patient group is unique. Most commonly they work with their practices to:

offer the patient perspective on the services that are provided
help to improve communication
encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health
collaborate with practice staff during times of change to ensure patient care is not threatened

Park End Surgery Patients Group is an advisory body that aims to:

Promote patient engagement in the development, provision and monitoring of the Park End Surgery services

Advise Park End Surgery Partners to ensure that patients’ views influence the development of Park End Surgery services

Ensure that the Park End Surgery Partners have opportunities to access patients’ perspectives to inform their services and activities

Click link to ‘Terms_of_Reference for more information

There was so much patient interest in joining a Patients’ Group at Park End that we have split the volunteers into two groups:

A Committee – a smaller group that meets each month to agree priorities and carry out the related tasks

A Reference Group – a larger group that meets each quarter to receive/give information to the Committee to support their work

Click link to ‘Meeting Schedule – 2014’ for schedule of meetings

Committee Members:

Christopher Mason (Chair)
Connie Smith
Doris Sherwood
Jan Williams
Ros Tranter
Charlotte Feinmann
Joanna Molloy
Peter Hallgarten
Nella Marcus
John Blake
Rhoda Brawne
Maureen Grieves

Kimberly Turner

Gathering views from the wider patient population

In order to increase their understanding of issues that affect Park End patients, the Committee – together with Park End Partners – commissioned an exit survey of patients who visited Park End in January/February 2012.

Click link to ‘’Survey Report 2013-14’ for full results of the survey

Every year we produce a report setting out what the group has done in the previous twelve months

Park End PPG – 2014-15 report

Terms of reference

Click here to download our terms of reference document

Patient Survey Results

Click below to download our patient survey results and action plans.

 Survey & Results

Meetings schedule

Click here to download our meetings schedule document

Minutes of meetings

Minutes 16-17 

Minutes – 15.09.2016

Minutes – 26.05.2016

Minutes – 21.04.2016

How do I join the Park End Patients Group?

All patients are welcome to join the Patients Group! … the wider our membership, the greater our ability to represent the breadth of views and experiences.

There are three options:

(i) Apply to join the Committee. This is subject to vacancies; we have a list of patients who wish to join the committee.

(ii) Apply to join the Reference Group. There is no upper limit to the number of patients that can join. This group meets each quarter with Committee members

(iii) If you specific skills or experience that you believe would benefit the group, please let us know. We are always happy to recruit volunteers to work on specific projects eg management, publicity, IT, finance – or just plain common sense!

What is expected of Patient Group Members?

• To attend Committee or Reference Group meetings periodically for a maximum of two hours (dates and times to be agreed by group members)

• To work with practice staff to plan existing and future services in order to promote quality health care

• To voice concerns, ideas and suggestions to improve the services offered

• To work with fellow members in a constructive and positive atmosphere

What can Patient Group members expect?

• Administrative support from the practice staff to organise and clerk meetings
• Advice and support between meetings
• Resources to support projects agreed by the group

Interested? Want to give it a go?

Please give us your contact details and we’ll be in touch…..

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